The Indogo Facial Abuse Movie

Duke Skywalker is a whore psychic. When he sees sluts like Indigo showing up to the Facial Abuse studio with a bunch of hardcore tattoos, he instantly knows that the ink is there to hide a wounded soul. You can think of it as a "beware of dog" sign, but everyone knows that you don't avoid hopping a fence unless you hear a dog barking.

Knowing that Indigo was near her mental breaking point before a cock even came in her direction assured that the crew was going to bring it to her, rough and fast. She dropped to her knees, and cocks immediately flew at her face from every direction. She was getting throated hard, and she had problems taking the big cocks .

Eventually, Indigo completely shut down, glazed over and began to suck her thumb like the scared whore that they all knew was hiding inside. This hooker was teetering on the edge of a cock inflicted nervous breakdown. The Facial Abuse crew realized her throat couldn't swallow any more cock, and they moved on to abuse her tight little pussy.

The dicks glided in and out of her perfectly pink vagina, as she winced and yelped with pain. The length was giving her ovaries a pounding, but the drilling continued. Indigo realized it was just becoming too much, and she exclaimed "Just cum on my face, I don't think I can take it anymore!"

Those words are a thing of beauty to the Facial Abuse crew, so they lined up and proceeded to drown her in a pool of sperm. Poor whore!


Indigo Gets Choked
Indigo Gets Throated
Indigo Gets A Rough Fucking
Infigo Gets A Cumshot Facial


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